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A set of images from HI-1 and HI-2

A set of HI-1 images from STEREO Ahead taken on 1 August 2010, shown both with the instrumental background set (upper set) and as running difference images (lower set). Four separate coronal mass ejections could be clearly seen on this day, marked by the letters "M", "L", "A", and "B". The HI-1 field-of-view is 20 degrees on a side. The Sun is 4 degrees off the right hand side of each frame.

Maps of time versus elongation angle for the four coronal mass ejections (CMEs) seen on 1 August 2010, combining data from both the HI-1 and HI-2 telescopes to cover the range from 4 degrees to 55 degrees away from Sun center along the Sun-Earth line. Earth is the blue dashed line on the right hand frames. The top panels have the instrumental background subtracted, and the bottom panels are derived from running difference images. The right hand frames include the traces of the major CMEs.

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