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STEREO Galleries


STEREO Images and Movies

This gallery showcases images and movies from the various instruments onboard the two STEREO spacecraft.


STEREO 3D Images and Movies

This gallery showcases three dimensional images and movies from the two STEREO spacecraft.


STEREO Spacecraft

This gallery showcases still images and conceptual animations of the STEREO spacecraft, the instruments, orbits, and trajectories.


Science Visualizations

This galleries showcases science visualizations and animations describing the STEREO mission


STEREO Selects

This gallery showcases selected STEREO images, movies, 3D images and 3D movies.


3D Showcase

This is a user submitted gallery. We invite you to send us your 3D photos so that we can feature them on our web site. The 3D effect is fun to see and we want to show off what our readers have come up with.

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Other sources for STEREO related images and movies:

Instrument Galleries

Informational videos about STEREO and the Sun. (CC)

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