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What are those other images on the STEREO Daily Images page?

The STEREO Daily Images page shows the STEREO images taken from the two STEREO spacecraft in the left and right columns. These give us unprecedented views of the Sun from the side. In the central column we show images from similar imagers taken along the Sun-Earth line. To accompany the EUVI images we show images from the AIA instrument on the SDO spacecraft, for Cor1 we use the MLSO/Mk IV coronagraph in Hawaii, and for Cor2 it is SOHO's LASCO/C2 coronagraph. These instruments provide a third point of view to compliment STEREO's two new views of the Sun.


A note about the EUV images (EUVI and AIA).
For dates on or after April 16, 2010 we are now comparing our EUVI images with higher resolution images from SDO/AIA (launched Feb. 2010) rather than with images from SOHO/EIT. The AIA images to which we compare our 171, 195, and 304 A EUVI data are taken in very nearly the same wavebands so, although the AIA images are shown in different colors than the EUVI and EIT data, they basically show the same thing. These images all depict extreme ultra-violet (EUV) light, which is not visible to humans. Thus they are false color and the exact colors are somewhat arbitrary.

AIA does not have a 284 A band, so we compare the EUVI 284 A data, which shows material at about 2.2 million degrees K, with AIA 211 A band data, which displays material at about 2 million degrees K.

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