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Important notice about reduced STEREO science operations


The STEREO Ahead spacecraft is currently operating on the first side lobe of the high gain antenna. See this important notice for more information.

Communications with the STEREO Behind spacecraft were interrupted on October 1, 2014 immediately after a planned reset of the spacecraft performed as part of a test of solar conjunction operations. The spacecraft telemetry indicated an anomaly in the guidance and control system, but this is still being evaluated. No further communications have been successful since Oct. 1st.

The STEREO Ahead spacecraft has already successfully tested the transition into and out of solar conjunction operations. Actual solar conjunction operations will take place between March 22 and July 14, 2015. STEREO Ahead continues to operate nominally, and is currently providing our only views of the far side of the sun.

Attempts to reestablish communications with the STEREO Behind spacecraft are ongoing.

Launched in 2006, the STEREO spacecraft had a prime mission phase of two years and successfully completed their prime science objectives.

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