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Important notice about reduced STEREO science operations


The STEREO Ahead observatory is back to normal operations on the first side lobe. All the instruments have been powered back on, and are producing science data. The IMPACT SWEA and STE instruments are turned off, and will remain off until the high gain antenna is returned to its main lobe in November. Because of the current difficulties with commanding due to solar scintillation effects at such a small separation angle from the Sun, the SIT instrument is using the original table set that the instrument was launched with. This table set is known to have some calibration problems, but this is considered to be better than having no data at all. He intensities are about a factor of five too low, while the H, O, and Fe intensities are approximately correct (within a factor of two). The IMPACT team plans to upload the most current table set on August 26. See this important notice for more information about superior solar conjunction.

Communications with the STEREO Behind spacecraft were interrupted on October 1, 2014 immediately after a planned reset of the spacecraft performed as part of a test of solar conjunction operations. The spacecraft telemetry indicated an anomaly in the guidance and control system, but this is still being evaluated. No further communications have been successful since Oct. 1st. Follow this link for more information.

Attempts to reestablish communications with the STEREO Behind spacecraft are ongoing.

Launched in 2006, the STEREO mission achieved its prime science goals within the two-year prime mission, but continues to explore solar and heliospheric activity through the current solar maxmimum and beyond.

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