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High Definition CME - November 4 - 5, 2007


The STEREO (ahead) COR2 coronagraph captured one of the largest coronal mass ejections that STEREO has observed in recent months. This CME with a clearly defined and rounded cloud of gas is seen blasting into space over about 24 hours (November 4 - 5, 2007). STEREO's COR2 coronagraphs provide images with twice the resolution of SOHO's at about the same frame rate so that finer details are more easily seen. Although the cloud of gas appears rounded, some researchers have suggested that we may in fact be seeing the edges of a long tube that is still attached to the Sun. There is evidence that some CMEs are still connected to the Sun even as they pass Earth's orbit. With a second perspective from the other STEREO, scientists can better address such questions about the structure of CMEs. The COR2 field of view is a middle-range 15 solar radii, compared to 30 solar radii for SOHO's C3 coronagraph and 6 solar radii for SOHO's C2 coronagraph.

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