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New STEREO Coronagraph images


For the first time we are featuring an observation from one of the STEREO coronagraphs. This COR2 still and video clip (from the Ahead spacecraft) show a modest coronal mass ejection blasting into space over a two-day period (October 4-5, 2007). What is different about these images compared to those of SOHO's coronagraphs? STEREO's COR2 coronagraphs provide images with twice the resolution of SOHO's at about the same frame rate so that finer details are more easily seen. And with one on each of the two STEREO spacecraft, scientists gain a second perspective on the structure and direction of solar events. At this point the two spacecraft are about 35 degrees apart and moving apart at about 44 degrees per year. Its field of view is a middle-range 15 solar radii, compared to 30 solar radii for SOHO's C3 coronagraph and 6 solar radii for SOHO's C2 coronagraph. And STEREO also has a COR1 coronagraph with a field of view of 1.5 to 4 solar radii.

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