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Quiet 3D Sun



The Sun continues to dwell in its own quiet zone as its level of activity has recently shown almost no signs of rising. But we can still have some fun with it. By combining two images taken 12 hours apart by STEREO (Ahead) on August 7, 2009, we can create a nicely rounded Sun (visible with 3D anaglyph glasses). In those 12 hours, the Sun has rotated around enough to create a sufficiently separated perspective to create 3D. The Sun in extreme UV light shows us a dark coronal hole near the central line from which fast solar wind is streaming. We can also see loops of magnetic field lines arcing out and above a small active region to the lower right.

You can create your own 3D images of the Sun or just about anything else with a digital camera, some software or an online resource, and 3D glasses. Go here to find out how:

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