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Active Region Line-up in 3D - June 6, 2007


This 3D image of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light (June 6, 2007) showcases a string of active regions across the center of the Sun. We see five active regions that were lined up rather evenly. Active regions are areas of intense magnetic activity that appear lighter in extreme UV light, in this case the wavelength of 171 Angstroms. The 3D effect was generated in just a few minutes by combining the pair of images taken at the same time by the Ahead and Behind spacecraft. You can take the same images (below) and try it yourself (directions to create your own 3D images are here). One image is larger than the other so you will have to resize one of them a little. And you'll need 3D glasses to be able to see what you are doing (here's where you can get or make them).

Right and Left Images

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