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20220923_132354_d7c2A.jpg 13:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_133854_d7c2A.jpg 13:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_135354_d7c2A.jpg 13:53:54 UT [caption]
20220923_140905_n7c2A.jpg 14:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_142354_d7c2A.jpg 14:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_143854_d7c2A.jpg 14:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_145354_d7c2A.jpg 14:53:54 UT [caption]
20220923_150905_n7c2A.jpg 15:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_152354_d7c2A.jpg 15:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_153854_d7c2A.jpg 15:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_160905_n7c2A.jpg 16:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_162354_d7c2A.jpg 16:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_163854_d7c2A.jpg 16:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_170905_n7c2A.jpg 17:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_172354_d7c2A.jpg 17:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_173854_d7c2A.jpg 17:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_175354_d7c2A.jpg 17:53:54 UT [caption]
20220923_180905_n7c2A.jpg 18:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_182354_d7c2A.jpg 18:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_183854_d7c2A.jpg 18:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_185354_d7c2A.jpg 18:53:54 UT [caption]
20220923_190905_n7c2A.jpg 19:09:05 UT [caption]
20220923_192354_d7c2A.jpg 19:23:54 UT [caption]
20220923_193854_d7c2A.jpg 19:38:54 UT [caption]
20220923_195354_d7c2A.jpg 19:53:54 UT [caption]

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